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On the afternoon of August 9, Mingshan District Chief Wang Fuyuan and other leaders visited Liaoning Huari New Materials Co., Ltd. for investigation. Company general manager Liu Mingjie together with board secretary Shan Dan and vice-general manager Wu Hao received the group.

  The general manager Mr Liu reported the working circumstance to the district chief, and introduced main products and the development direction in future. He was also grateful that Mingshan District Government helped much for the company development, he hoped that the company can make further contributions to the industrial upgrading and the employment of local surplus labor force in the future.

  District chief made detailed comments, corresponding opinions and suggestions after Mr Liu’s report, he expressed congratulations for the company’s achievement in recent years, and he also thanked for the company’s contribution of economic construction in Mingshan District. At last, he said the government would always support the development of medium and small enterprises in the future.riorit

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