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On the morning of August 24, a group of little reporters visited our factory with their teachers and reporters. The board secretary Ms Shan Dan, took time out of her busy schedule to accompany the children and patiently introduced the company culture and PTFE products application filed to the children through on-site explanation, video clips, interactive questions and answers. And then, she leaded the little reporters visit the workshops. During the visiting procedure, little reporters and their teachers were marveled with the manufacturing process of PTFE products, they asked many questions and took notes, and our staff answered patiently. The littler reporters were very excited after this activity. The board secretary said: “I believe this experience can not only enrich the children’s summer holiday, but also act as a positive role in their healthy growth and life positioning. This activity is very meaningful.”

 Above picture: Little reporters’ coming.

Above picture: The board secretary Ms Shan Dan is introducing company culture and product application field.

Above picture: Visiting workshops and introducing products

Above picture: The little reporters take a group photo to mark the activity

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